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Estimated State of Ohio Sales Tax

Due to tax code regulations, we now charge in Ohio up to 8% sales tax based on the zip code of the county within the state where the order is to be shipped. Due to the complexity of this process, this online ordering system will provide ESTIMATED sales tax reflecting the highest rate in your zip code. You WILL be charged the correct rate for your location, which may be less, and the correct rate will be reflected on the final invoice/receipt you receive with your shipment. We do not currently collect taxes for orders shipping to locations outside the State of Ohio.

Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Forms

If you are located in Ohio and wish to claim exemption from Ohio State Sales Tax, be sure to enter "TAX EXEMPT" in the special instructions section at checkout. We require that you fax your completed and signed exemption form to: 937-222-9568 or emailed to  For purposes of the form, the vendor name should be shown as: GARDNER-TOBIN, Inc. (dba If your completed exemption form is not received by the end of the business day, your order will be processed and you will be charged sales tax.

If you sign up for an online account, once documents have been received, you will not have taxes added or need to resend this information again.

If you do not already have the Ohio State Sales Tax Exemption form you need, you can download a printable PDF file by clicking the appropriate link below.


How to set up a Tax Exempt Account

You have to create customer login account in order to 'always' be Tax Exempt. This only applies to customers shipping material to Ohio destination. Once you have faxed or emailed your tax exemption certificate to us, we will make your account tax exempt.