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Special Keying Services

Special Keying Services for Sargent Locks and Cylinders

Please Note: This service is NOT available as an online 'shopping cart' order but is offered to our online buyers via telephone, faxed, emailed or mail orders.

Please call us - 937 222 1522 - if you need special keying services.Keying Service

All of the locks and cylinders sold on this DoorwaysPlus website include two keys per lock.

In addition, grand-master and master keying services are available to customers purchasing any new system of Sargent locks and cylinders when the keys are purchased as part of their system.

To assure the complete accuracy of your special keying order - as well as proper security - these services need to be ordered by fax, email, mail or telephone [937-222-1522].

To help you prepare and submit such a special keying request, please review our special keying Policy & Price List below.

IMPORTANT: Please note, we do not offer master keying, keyed-alike or cut key service for key systems not purchased through DoorwaysPlus.

Doorways Keying Policy

Grand Master or Master Keying services for locks and cylinders is available to those purchasing a new system at the same time. Extra Cut Keys and Keyed Alike Locks and Cylinders are also available. All pricing of locks and cylinders on this website includes two keys per lock. Master keys and control keys are stamped "Do Not Duplicate". If LA Keyway is not desired please indicate that information with your order and then order the barrel of the keyway you prefer.


Special Service Code Price
Extra Keys CC KEY $2.25 per key
Keyed Alike KA 1 $7.00 per cylinder
Grand Master Keying GMK A $10.00 per cylinder
Master Keying MK A $10.00 per cylinder
Grand Master Keys CC GMK A $3.00 per key
Master Keys CC MK A $3.00 per key
Control Key CC CK $3.00 per key
Stamped Keys "Do Not Duplicate" DND $0.50 per key



When ordering Keyed Alike locksets or cylinders (LA Keyway), there is no added charge for first lock or cylinder.

When ordering a Grand Master Key or Master Key system, a keying diagram or chart will be required. Please request more information about GrandSpecial Keying Service Master Keying / Master Keying if you are not sure how to lay out your keying requirements. We will be more than happy to assist you. Cross keying of locksets and cylinders is not advised or recommended by our company.

Keyed Alike, Grand Master and Master Keying prices above include 2 keys per change. If additional change keys are required please add $2.25 for each additional key.

Master and/or Grand Master keys prices above are based on shipping with locks. If a different address is required, a separate order should be placed.

This service is NOT available as an online 'shopping cart' order but is offered to our online buyers via telephone or mail orders.