• UL10C Listed, 3 hour single door, GXAY.R18923
  • CAN4-S104,CAN/ULC Listed, GXAY7.R18923
  • NFPA-252 fire door compliant
  • UL listed to ANSI/SDI-BHMA A250.13 (60 PSI) Windstorm, ZHEM.R25219
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.31, Grade1; E09321, E09322, E09323
  • ASTM-E152 fire door compliant
  • Patents: 5,474,342; 6,022,056

Current Draw

  • 12VDC: 40mA continuous, minimum 300mA when operating
  • 24VDC: 40mA continuous, minimum 200mA when operating
  • Higher capacity supply (1-3 Amps) is recommended for startup inrush to achieve best operation under pre-load

Operating Temperature

  • -20 to +125F [-29 to +52C]

Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty