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SDC 1511SNAKV - Exit Check Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock, NFPA Code

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SDC 1511SNAKV - Exit Check Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock, NFPA Code Compliant, 15-30 Second Delay Egress, Built in Key Switch, US28 Finish

Security Door Controls 1511S Delay Egress Lock

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  • Security Door Controls 1511S Delay Egress Lock


SDC 1511SNAKV - Exit Check® Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock, NFPA Code Compliant, 15-30 Second Delay Egress, Built in Key Switch

  • Voice and digital display provides informative annunciation for people without prior knowledge, including the blind and hearing impaired
  • Field selectable voice & tone or tone only
  • Voice provides warning or safety message, countdown and time of door release
  • Digital countdown display also indicates if door was open after lock release.
  • Fixed 15-30 second delay exit delay

Operation: Typically used on exit doors, when unauthorized egress is initiated when in the locked mode, the SDC Exit Check® delays egress through the door for 15 or 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the person exiting must wait while personnel or security respond. The door unlocks after 15 seconds have elapsed, permitting egress. A signal from the fire life safety system will release the lock for uninhibited egress in an emergency. 30 second delay available where approved.

The SDC Exit Check® is compatible with patient tracking systems, like those used for protection against infant abduction from hospital nurseries, and for the protection of patients in long term care facilities who may be endangered if they leave their care facility without supervision. 

Access controls may be utilized for authorized egress, access and lock reset. Access from the exterior of latching doors requires an additional means of mechanical lock release, such as a mechanical key or electric strike. 

  • Verbal and Digital Annunciation: The Exit Check® series incorporates an alternating verbal message, verbal countdown and alarm tone, plus a large digital countdown display and door release indicator that provides a clear warning for the safety of persons without prior knowledge of door operation, including the blind and hearing impaired.
  • Field selectable voice message and alarm tone, or alarm tone only, 75 db @ 3 ft
  • The visual display provides a digital countdown, indicates lock release and verifies if the door was opened for egress.
  • Choice of fixed 15 second exit and 1 second nuisance delay or field selectable 15 or 30 second exit delay and 1 or 2 second nuisance delay
  • Field selectable security or safety message
  • Field selectable activation: Door movement, Exit device with switch kit, Exit sense bar for non-latching doors.
  • Field selectable automatic or manual relock upon power up after emergency release or power loss.
  • Integrated 3 position key switch provides: Lock and alarm reset. Manual power-up*, Sustained bypass, Timed bypass, adj. for 1, 15, 20 or 30 seconds
  • Field selectable door prop alarm: Alarm sounds when door is left open, after selected bypass time has elapsed.
  • Anti-tailgate feature
  • Single or multi-door zone control and reset capability

NFPA Code Operation:

1) When the door is closed, latched, and the lock is energized, field selectable “15” or “30” is displayed, indicating the door is secure.
2) Applying pressure and retracting the door latch activates a warning tone and digital display countdown. If the door is released in 1 or 2 seconds, the warning tone stops and the door stays locked.
3) When activation exceeds the nuisance time (1 or 2 seconds) an irreversible process begins that will unlock the door in 13 or 14 seconds. The voice message, tone and countdown annunciation continue.
MALE VOICE WITH SECURITY MESSAGE Tone...."Exit in twelve seconds, Security has been alerted" Tone...."Exit in five seconds" Tone...."Exit now", one...."Exit now"
FEMALE VOICE WITH SAFETY MESSAGE Tone...."Exit in twelve seconds, Facility Staff has been notified" Tone...."Exit in five seconds" Tone...."Exit now", Tone...."Exit now"
TONE ONLY (In Lieu of Message) Activation: Short beeps Lock Release: Long beeps
4) The door unlocks when delay time has elapsed and the digital display indicates “00” and annunciation continues.
5) The lock is manually reset by built-in key (K) or optional wall mount keypad or keyswitch
6) The door will unlock upon signal from the fire life safety system or power loss. Auto Power-Up: Lock will re-arm automatically when power is restored and fire alarm system is rest. Manual Power Up: Lock is re-armed by manual means only at the door by key reset (K) or optional wall mounted reset keypad or keyswitch














Additional Information

Weight 13.0000
Manufacturer Security Door Controls
Mag Lock Type Single Door Magnetic Lock
Minimum Holding Force 1200 lbs.
Weatherproofing No

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