Learning something new every day is what keeps you happy and intrigued (everyone tells me this at least). Today, I was double checking my details and pricing for a Ramp Threshold and found out that they are not shipped in one continuous wide piece, but shipped in sections that interlock and are assembled in the field. The other thing I learned was that the screw qty – usually 1 per foot – is now 1 per foot and multiplied per section.

So a two piece section will have a double row of screw holes, and of course a 3 pc section will have 3 sets of screw holes, etc...

For those of you who do not know what a ramp threshold is, one end is a higher height than the other end. Used for ADA compliance and/or wheeled carts.

Companies who make Ramp Thresholds include National Guard, Pemko, Reese & Hager,.

Downloads for more information:

Pemko’s Modular Ramp Threshold Catalog

National Guard Products Threshold Catolag - go to Pages T24 thru T29


Another thing to consider when ordering Aluminum Ramp Thresholds is that the ends are open if you don't specify "a return closed end"

Ramp Thresholds and Return Closed End Illustrated