3 Outswinging Exterior door security measures you can makeNRP Hinges - Non Removalbe Hinge Pin

1    Check to see that all your exterior outswinging doors have NRP, Safety Stud feature or DX Bolts:

NRP Non-Removable Pin (NRP) for Medium Security: The Non-Removable pin has a small set screw in the body of the barrel. This set screw is tightened down against the pin. The pin has a groove in the position where the set screw makes contact, allowing the set screw to seat. The set screw is positioned so it cannot be reached unless the door is opened. If pin removal is necessary, the set screw is merely removed and the pin tapped from the bottom in the usual manner.

Safety Stud Feature for Higher Exterior Door Security

Safety Stud (SH or SSH) feature for Higher Security: The Safety Stud projection is a feature that places a stud on one leaf and a locking hole on the other leaf. When the door is closed, the stud is anchored into the opposite leaf. Even if the hinge pin is removed, the door is secure because the leaves are locked together. (This is also known as "Security Stud")


Detex DX Bolts

Detex makes "DX Bolts" Providing hinge-side protection, the DX Bolt is an additional line of defense against break-ins. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised the DX Bolts keep your door locked and secure. These passive deadbolts are easy-to-install and offer another layer of attack resistance.



2    Latch Guards or Security Astragal for all Door Locksets on outswinging doors

Latch Guards come in a variety of types, lengths, & offsets. Check the details of your opening to see which one will suit your conditions. Latch Guards are also available for inswinging doors.

Offset Security Astragals are full length latch guards. They are thru bolted thru the door and come in 1/8” or 3/16” thick Steel or of 1/8” Stainless Steel depending on each factory’s standard. Please note – all lips from strikes will have to be sawn off or replaced, with a “lipless” strike.National Guard Security Astragal 1392SP

  • Pemko # 3572SP is 1/8” thick Galvanized Steel prime painted
  • Pemko # 3572SS is 1/8” Stainless Steel, #4 finish
  • Pemko # 3572PP7 is 3/16” thick Galvanized Steel prime painted
  • National Guard # 1392SP is 3/16” thick Steel prime painted


Pemko Security Astragals 3572SP, 3572SS, 3572PP7

3    Door Viewers / Door Scope, or a Security Door Window Lite

Door viewers 160 or 190 degree of vision and Door Scopes are large door viewers

Security Door Window Lites have ½” thick Lexan glass some also have a flap so that no one can see in. (National Guard L-VGLF series)