Sometimes you just have too....

Order Custom Strikes. Just a bit of information to make it easier.

I recently had to place an order for a custom strike. Here is a picture of the existing strike, I added the dimensions (in paint computer program) and sent it off to the factory for them to make. This strike is for a rim exit device, the bevel is critical to the functioning of the exit device. Normally, strikes have an open cutout for the latchbolt to go in to. Believe it or not, I took this shot at the front counter.

 Custom Strike for Rim Exit Device


The custom strike forms from various factories’ all request the same information. Here is a generic form if you’d like to use it.



Custom Strike Form Request

I thought I'd share with you another custom strike we've had to replace:

Custom Strike Drawing for 6.75 strike

Custom Lock strikes are not uncommon. They are needed when you have to extended the lip to clear molding applied to a frame, or to fit an old frame with 5 3/4" height or 5 1/4" height strikes is being reused.