The secret to Fold up L Shaped Shower Seat Handing

Avoid ordering the wrong item, save costly time delays by handing correctly - the first time.How to Hand a Folding L Shaped Shower Seat


As you are viewing the tub or shower, notice the side that the shower seat will be installed. If the seat will be on your Left side as you are viewing it - it is a LH shower seat. If the seat will be on the Right side as you are viewing the tub it is a RH shower seat.


Bobrick B-518 LH Folding Shower Seat                           Bobrick B-517 RH Folding Shower Seat


Bobrick B-518 LH                                                                    Bobrick B-517 RH  

Please Note - Bobrick and ASI hand the way this is described. All the other brands may hand differently.

For more information: Bobrick Tech Data Sheet for B517/B518 Folding Shower Seat and ASI 8205 Tech Data Sheet Folding Shower Seat