The gap between the doors; that 1/8” of cold or hot air coming inside from the exterior. Thoughts and examples of solutions to improve your heating or air conditioning budget.

The inspiration for this Blog - wide gap between the doors


Aluminum doors usually have a piece of kerf pile that is between the doors. The pile can be replaced. The pile comes in two heights; .35 or .45 also it comes in two different widths .35 or .437

 Storefront Aluminum Replacement Pile Weatherstrip

A long term solution to replacing the pile is to install a 2 piece astragal. Neoprene, Nylon Brush or Silicone are the best materials. Nylon brush will not wear and stays flexible. Neoprene and Silicone will stay soft for years and not turn hard. Install on the Pull side of the doors – one on each leaf of the doors.

Pemko 2 piece Astragal examples  

Pemko finish codes in above illustration:

A – Mill Finish Alum

BDG – Bright Dip Gold Anodized Aluminum

C – Clear Anodized Aluminum

D – Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

G – Gold Anodized Aluminum

PW – Painted White Aluminum

SN – Satin Nickel Anodized Aluminum

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