Our physical world is protected by doors. Doors shelter us and our property from the elements, separate rooms, and guard against intruders. Some doors are open to the public, and others have restricted access facilitated by locks. Locked doors provide security to homes, offices, stores, and many other types of buildings. Over the years, there has been a wide variety of locks used in many different ways, but the value of a lock is measured by the security and usefulness that it can offer the user while preventing unauthorized use or entry.

Modern locks began coming into production during the Industrial Revolution. The development of precision engineering and the standardization of components allowed for locks and keys to be manufactured with increasing complexity and security measures. As technology and manufacturing methods advanced, trustworthy locks were able to become commonplace in society.

Yale InTouch Keyless Entry Lockset

Today, there are many door locks available for residential and commercial uses. Some of the options include standard keyed entry, keyed deadbolts, keycard locks, cylindrical locksets,  and electronically operated locks. With so many options, you may wonder which lock to choose.

For residential needs, you can get away with having a good quality deadbolt lock on any external facing doors as well as simple doorknob locks on the internal bedroom and bathroom doors. In a commercial setting, there are more variables to consider in the types of locks to implement. You may have areas of a building that you only want certain people to be able to access, such as staff break rooms, offices, storerooms, patient records storage, etc. A recommended option for these situations is to use an electronic keypad lock. This allows for the effective management of individual employee access levels and prevents unauthorized access to private areas. These can be used both on internal and external doors. These types of locks are programmable and make it possible to update user information in the event of staffing changes or there is a security breach. 

There are many brands available among the different lock categories, but not all locks are created equal, so beware! There are cheaply made and designed locks out there to choose between when making decisions about which locks to use on your doors. For the commercial purposes mentioned previously, we at Doorways Plus recommend getting standard or heavy duty commercial grade locks. One series that has impressed us are the Yale In-Touch tech door locks. Touchpad locks don’t get better than this—they meet fire ratings and are very durable with a touchscreen. The touchscreen bypasses the issue of rain or snow getting under the buttons of the keypads and freezing/damaging the electronics. The In-Touch locks by Yale are sealed to protect from the elements and are tested to provide trustworthy use in all conditions. To prove this point, check out this video of a guy taking a blowtorch, grinder, pressure washer, and more to these locks—and they still function properly in all conditions!

When you need trustworthy security for your commercial building, you can depend on Yale In-Touch keyless entry door locks.