Comparing a commercial grade hinge Hager # 1279 4" x 4" to a residential grade hinge # 1543 4" x 4" hinge, you'll notice first off that the screw holes are in different locations. The 1279 hinge has a half moon shape screw hole pattern, and the 1543 has a "W" shape screw hole pattern (this is also known as a staggerd pattern). The other large difference is the thickness of the hinges. The technical spec's are: 1279 4 x 4 hinge is .129 thick (little over 1/8") and the 1543 is .085 (little over 1/16" thick). The knuckle diameter is another difference; the 1279 hinge knuckle diameter is 35/64" (little over 1/2") and the 1543 4 x 4 knuckle diameter is .42 (little over 3/8").
The residential hinges are not allowed on Fire rated/labeled door openings.

Hager Hinge 1279 compared to 1543

Here is a side view of the two hinges: