US Finish designations and BHMA Finish designations have always been confusing to many people. The big difference is that BHMA stresses the base material of the metal under the plating. Sometimes the Finish will change - based on the material of the metal. For example, here are all the listings from BHMA of US26D - Satin Chrome finish (aslo known as brushed chrome).

BHMA Finish Designations Satin Chrome


Here is a quick link to Bommer's Finishes Chart: Bommer's US & BHMA Chart of Finishes
This is not a complete list of BHMA finishes, but they've done a nice job presenting the finishes they use. And, it's most of the finishes used on a day to day basis.

Hager has a Product Finishes Guide that can be downloaded: Hager's Product Finishes Guide or Residential Finish Guide

McKinney's Finish designations: McKinney Finishes Charts

Rockwood also has a nice listing of US/BHMA Finishes: Rockwood's Finish Codes

ABH's Finishes designation: ABH Finishes