Emergency Rescue door hardware is specially made hardware that will let the normally “in-swinging” door, swing out from the room if someone has fallen, or the door is being prevented from opening in its normal direction. Usually, a bathroom in a hospital will have this type of hardware.  

Emergency Rescue Door Hardware is a special application that requires a cased opening frame. This is a flat frame, or a frame without a stop (see below).

Cased Opening Frame          Center Hung Pivot - Center Mounted in opening

The Door must be able to swing in both directions. A Center Hung Pivot can be Offset mounted or Center Hung mounted in the door opening. The pivots need to match the weight of your door. A standard 3’0 x 7’0 door can weigh 125 to 150 lbs. depending on the material of the door.  

McKinney EP-5J Jamb Mounted Center Hung Pivot          McKinney DS-6 Emergency Door Stop Release   McKinney CSS-9 Combination Strike and Emergency Stop Release

The Hardware that is specially designed for the opening is the Emergency Door Release. This is a combination Stop and a Release. The release allows the door to swing back thru the frame by way of a button or flip lever action.   There is also a combination strike - a double lipped strike with the emergency release incorporated as part of the strike.­


       ABH 4590 Emergency Door Release      ABH 4550 Combination Double Lipped Strike with Emergency Release


Pemko now has a double swing continuous hinge that allows the door to swing 100 degrees in either direction with Emergency Release Stop – this is continuous height - so there will not be sight lines from outside the door opening. Please see Pemko’s brochure for more information. This is a new product in the market for Behavioral Health Care.

Pemko DSH Double Swing Hinge     Pemko ERS Emergency Release Stop


A pdf download is available from ABH for the Emergency Rescue Hardware, McKinney Emergency Rescue Hardware are listed here on our website.

Please let us know if you need more information or a quote for any of these products. call 937-222-1522 or email: sales@doorwaysplus.com