DoorwaysPlus carries the best brands out there in door locks and commercial grade hardware. Everything from Sargent Locks to complete window kits are available here. We stand behind all of our products, and that means that we only sell the best from the best manufacturers in the industry.

David-Link Time ClockTime Clocks

These employee fingerprint time clocks are simply amazing. They can manage just a few or up to 3,000 users. All software necessary comes included. Our David-Link brand specializes in biometric technologies in time, attendance, and security industries. This is your opportunity to finally say goodbye to time cards and “buddy-punching.”

Push/Pull Systems

If you are looking for just a Push/Pull system for your door, look no further than the HP Series Push/Pull Privacy Latchset Stainless Steel HPU65-ALP-32D by Sargent. It has a great, aesthetically pleasing design. This system is also known for its easy installation with optional lead lining. The covers and paddles are cast in stainless steel or brass; the perfect solution for so many.

Open Door Closer

No more slamming doors! The Open Door Closer by Corbin Russwin is one of the best around. With multi-sized and fully adjustable sizes, it can fit any door. This accessory has up to a full 180° opening standard for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mountings. This is truly a five-star product. It even comes with a 5-year warranty.

Specialty Tools

With so many different products like Door Pressure Gauges, Locksmith Tools, and Hinge Tweakers, there is nothing you can’t do. We are fully stocked with Standard Weight, Heavy Weight, and Dual Standard Heavy Weight Hinge Tweakers. Every door eventually needs therapy, and this product is effectively designed to rebend or “Close the Swedge of a hinge.” This tool closes the gap on any door.

Hinge Tweeker

How about a Door Pressure Gauge. Pressure gauges are capable of measuring the entire range of forces found in servicing interior and exterior doors. Measuring both pounds and kilograms, it will help keep your door in good shape so you don’t need to replace the door closer or any other parts.

We have everything that you will need to replace or install a new door altogether. We carry only the best brands available, from Don-Jo, Sargent, Bommer, Dor-O-Matic, and so many more. When you need a product you can trust, visit us at DoorwaysPlus.