The subject of Door Coordinators came up today...


Rockwood 576 Coordinator
Rockwood 576 Coordinator

What a Coordinator does is "coordinates" the sequence of the doors closing. The Inactive door needs to close first, then the active leaf. Normally used on Double Door openings that are fire rated - due to each leaf required to be self latching and self closing. Doors with closers on each leaf and/or astragals are prime locations for Coordinators.


Gravity Type: Similar to Rockwood 576 
This type of coordinator is based on the finger (with the roller) holding the active leaf open until the trigger is released from the inactive door passing by.

Pros's and Con's:
  • Kids love to jump up and hit them, do pull ups, etc...
  • Rather unsightly.
  • Must have reinforcement behind the frame to drill & tap into.
  • Least expensive
  • They work - just need to replace the roller every once in a while, and tighten screws.
Other brands: ABH # 3790, Burns Mfg # 7500, CalRoyal # FRGCO65,  Don-Jo # 2080, Door Controls # 500, Hager # 298D, Ives # COR7G -or # COR9G. Sargent # 3487 or 3488, and Trimco 3093


Soffit Mounted Bar Type: Similar to Rockwood 2672
Rockwood 2672 Coordinator

Rockwood 2672 Coordinator

This type of Coordinator is mounted on the underside of the head - on the push side of the door opening. The trigger holds the active leaf open until the inactive leaf closes. The last two digits of the part number is the width of the opening. Non Handed.

Door Controls International originally pattened this type of Coordinator.

Pros's and Con's:
  • Works very well when install correctly.
  • Adjustable for various closing speeds, and different door weights.
  • Must be installed before Closers 
  • If door opening is outswinging and closers are parallel arm mounted, then special brackets must be use for the closer foot to drill & tap into (or surface vertical rod panic strikes).
  • If Weatherstrip is screw applied, there are certain places on the coordinator that can not be screwed into.
  • Use a carry open bar if both doors have exit devices (a carry open bar pushes the active leaf open while someone is going out the inactive leaf)
Other brands: ABH # 3700, Burns Mfg # 7672, Cal-Royal # DORCO-1, Don-Jo # 2021, Door Controls # 672, Hager # 297DIves # COR72 and  Trimco # 3094
Rockwood 1700 Door Coordinator
Rockwood 1700 - New Design

Universal Coordinator Type: Similar to Rockwood 1700 
This type of coordinator has become popular. Mounts on the underside of the head and there isn't interference with closer feet. Great for retro-fit openings. Please Note: Rockwood changed their design in 2013. The old design is still available thru ABH
Pros's and Con's:
  • Not good for smaller door width's - with wide closer body's.
  • Not for door openings with surface vertical rod exit devices.

Other brands: ABH # 3780, Don-Jo # 2040, Timco # 3092