Anti-ligature is the prevention of tying or binding. Anti-ligature devices are used to prevent vulnerable people from accidentally or intentionally harming themselves. Anti-ligature designed equipment is primarily used where people are considered to be 'at risk' such as Hospitals, Psychiatric Institutions, and Prisons. The whole room must be planned accordingly when considering Anti-ligature concepts. Door Hardware is one of the areas to be addressed.

Hinges are always 1st: Hospital Tip Hinges are required. These hinges have a 45 degree bevel at the top and bottom of the hinge. Hospital Tip option is available in a wide variety of mountings - full mortise hinges, half surface hinges, half mortise hinges, also continuous hinges and swing clear models. Currently we have a many of the mortise hinges on our site with hospital tips. Please request a quote for any type of hinge or continuous hinge you may need.

Select Hinges has a special cap for existing continuous hinges called a Tipit. This is available in two models, for concealed hinges or surface hinges.

Pivots are also available by Rixson, Model FA180 top pivot and Model FA19 Intermediate pivot that are anti-ligature designed.

Sargent has 4 different locks for Anti Ligature; BHW Trim can be used on the 8200 Mortise Lock series or 9200 High Security Series Mortise Lock. BHL Trim can also be used 8200 Mortise Lock. BHD Trim is used on the 7800 Mortise Lock series. Push/Pull Latches can be furnished with the ALP trim. Please see this brochure for Sargent Behavioral Door Hardware for more information and request a quote for your next requirements.

ABH Mfg has Push/Pull Latches, Marks USA and Townsteel also have Anti Ligature Locksets for Cylindrical or Mortise type lock prepartions, more about these in future posts.

National Guard Products have smoke gasketing approved for fire rated openings, serrated every 8” to be able to break apart, Model ANTI-LIT 5050, choice of Brown, Black, or White finishes.

Bobrick has a break away Clothes Hook # B-983 and Clothes Hook Strip B-985

I found an article in the Locksmith's Ledger: The Where, Why and How of Ligature Resistant Locks that is a good reference also for more information about Anti Ligature or Ligature Resistant Door Hardware.

These are some of the current options available, please let us know if you are looking for any special requirements or any further information.

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