Sargent 65-7P-7300B-US4 x 7 pin Interchangeable CoreSargent 6500 Line 28-65G05 KL Office Lever Lockset

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Sargent 6500 Line 28-65G04 KL Storeroom Lever Lockset
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Sargent 6500 Line 28-65G04 KL Storeroom Lever Lockset


28-65G04 KL Storeroom Lever Lockset, Grade 2 Standard Duty, ANSI F86 [2-3/4" Backset]


- Guardbolt deadlocks latchbolt

- Latch bolt retracted by lever inside or key outside

- Outside lever rigid at all times

- ANSI F86

- 2-3/8" backset latchbolt available separately

- 4 7/8" height strike # 808 furnished standard.



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28-65G04 KL Sargent 28-65G04 KL Storeroom Lever Lockset

05-2184-- Sargent 05-2184 - 2-3/8" Backset Latchbolt

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