SDC ELR Kit for Dor O Matic, LR100DMKSDC ELR Kit for Falcon, LR100FAK

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SDC ELR Kit for Falcon IR, LR100FRK
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SDC ELR Kit for Falcon IR, LR100FRK

Exit Devices

SDC Electric Latch Retraction Kit for Falcon IR, LR100FRK

Compatible with the following models/ series of  Falcon IR Exit Devices:

  • Rim - 24-R / F-24-R Series & 25-R / F-25-R Series
  • Surface Vertical Rod -  24-V / F-24-V Series & 25-V / F-25-V Series
  • Concealed Vertical Rod - 24-C / F-24-C Series & 25-C / F-25-C Series

The SDC LR100 Series Electric Latch Retraction Kit enables electric access control and dogging of mechanical exit devices. When energized the motor retracts the exit device latch and pulls the pushpad into the dogged (depressed) position enabling momentary or sustained push and pull operation of the door. The latch retraction mechanism may be activated by an access control, remote control device or building automation system. The exit device always provides uninhibited egress.

Field Installed Retrofit Kits:

  • UL Classified for use with 3hr fire rated & non-fire rated exit devices


  • Low 450 mA Inrush, 180 mA Continuous @ 24VDC
  • For access control and sustained dogging applications
  • Simultaneous latch retraction and dogging (pushpad depressed*) for most exit devices
  • Pushpad is depressed* electrically for quieter push / pull operation
  • Automatic re-trigger if device does not pull on first try

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Electric pushpad depression not available with Corbin Russwin, Yale, Adams Rite and Sargent. Meaning it only retracts the latch, as opposed to pulling/ drawing the push bar in while retracting the latch simultaneously. ***


  • Eliminates need for costly replacement of existing exit device
  • Significantly less labor and costs compared to competitive retrofit kits
  • Eliminates need for costly power supplies with high inrush circuitry. Compatible with UL Listed Access Control Power Supply
  • Only 1 Amp power supply required for up to 2 exit devices
  • Low current enables longer wire runs with smaller gauge wire
  • No door sequencers required for pairs of manual doors
  • Installs in Falcon non-fire rated panic device without removing from the door

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PTSDC-LR100FRK SDC ELR Kit for Falcon IR, LR100FRK

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